Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day Two...

Good Morning everyone!!!

This Morning:

1.    Wash my face
2.    Skin even toner.
3.    Lifting serum.
4.    Eye lifting cream.
5.    Vitamin serum.
6.    Lip mask and balm.
7.    Day cream with spf.

Tonight’s regimen:

1.    Wash my face
2.    Skin even toner
3.    Lifting serum
4.    Eye lifting cream
5.    Vitamin serum
6.    Night cream with retinol
7.    Eye lash growth serum

 Now for those loverly pics...

Full face


Left temple

(there it is again) Right temple

Left jowl


Do you know what makes you happy?  I was laying in bed thinking about just that last night and I thought of a few things.  My kids, most of the time.  My husband, almost all the time (except when he refuses to argue with me, but then again if he argued with me he would probably make me madder).  But I found that a baby's laugh always makes me happy!  What makes you happy? 

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