Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I am doing

What am I doing?

I am over 50 and never really took care of my skin. I am a child of the 60s, baby oil sun-baking, major sunburns and no sunblock!  Hi, I am Charlee and I need to start taking care of my skin before I look 90 instead of 50 something. I am starting a complete regimen and I am going to post my results here for others to see what I am doing. Here we go...

Day One (before first treatment):

This is me, full face, no make-up ( not that I wear make anyway). I am going to post pictures  (un-re-touched-up) of my face everyday and tell you what I did as a part of the regiment.  So, here we go, again....

Left jowl...

Left temple


Right temple

Right jowl


As you can tell I have not touched up these photos at all, what I hope to accomplish is to find a regimen that will help all women (and men) make there skin better.  For all the folks my age out there, we did not have the information that people today do but we also did not have the products, so if it works for me I am sure it can work for you too!

I will be posting the first six days as a group because it took me this long to figure out how to do this (blog that is, not wash my face LOL) and I want to catch up. I will be posting daily pictures and what I did.  If you want to know more, if you like the results you see, send me a note, I can get you started too with only the cost of products used.

Remember, change it if you can, accept it if you can't change it and think about the difference - be happy, that is your choice :)

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