Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fourth Day....

Shaking it up a bit...

This Morning:

1.    Wash my face
2.    Micro-derm abrasion
3.    Skin even toner
4.    Lifting serum
5.    Eye lifting cream
6.    Vitamin serum
7.    Lip mask and balm
8.    Day cream with spf 30

Tonight’s regimen:

1.    Wash my face
2.    Skin even toner
3.    Lifting serum
4.    Eye lifting cream
5.    Vitamin serum
6.    Night cream with retinol
7.    Eye lash growth serum

Strike a pose:

Full face

Nose (I know that area is better, no more dry, flaky skin)

Left jowl

Left temple


Right temple (definite progress)

Today is Sunday and I do not preach but I want to ask everyone to do a bit of kindness today.  I know you are always (well almost always) kind but do something today that makes someone smile.  When I know I made someone smile it makes it a good day for me.  When I went through bad times seems like one someone taking a second to speak, look or say something could make a difference.  I want to be that difference for someone who may need it.  Have a great day!!

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